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  • 2. Colours of Hope • The CENTURYPLY Group - a visionary conglomerate with interests in Plywood, Veneer, Laminates, Shipping, Logistics, Power and Container Freight Stations. CENTURYPLY began its legendary journey in 1985 as India’s leading plywood company. It made its presence felt at homes, offices and commercial establishments with its array of world-class products. Egged on by its success in the Plywood business, CENTURYPLY ventured into the manufacture of laminates, pre-laminates and veneers. It is a venture that became synonymous with success. • Today, CENTURYPLY is a pulsating mutli-concern, straddling businesses in cement, steel, adhesives, agri-business and shipping. Through the consolidation of resources, building of business acumen and financial strength, CENTURYPLY is poised to break all benchmarks. • CENTURY LAMINATES: THE RISING STAR • Forever Shining • CenturyLaminates exhibit extreme resistivity, of up to 2000 cycles in the Laminates 2000 range, They show an extraordinarily high shielding power against abrasion and scratch. The special resin helps it retain the original shine for over a long time. • High Colour Fastness • Using elite designs with primary pigments imported from across the world, Century Laminates display relatively higher colour fastness than competitors. • Absolutely Reliable • As the only laminates range that gives its end-users a 7-year warranty against manufacturing defects, Century Laminates clearly comes out as a trustworthy product. • Additional features • Best bonding with substrates due to uniform and superior sanding. Conforms to international standards due set by NEMA, LD3, FR Class II as per BS 476 and more. Environment-friendly product conforming to FCO level.



    7 year Guarantee

    Colour fastness

    Carpenter Friendly

    Wide Ranges

    Greenguard & FSC Certifications

    Uniform Thinkness & Proper Back Sanding




    Thickness- 1.0 (+- 0.1)mm, 1.0 mm( +- 0.5mm), 1.5mm(+-0.1mm), 1.5mm(+-0.5mm) and 0.8 mm

     Industry Norms   Test Results


    1.0 mm (± 0.1 mm)
    1.0 mm (± .05 mm)

    Resistance to surface wear
    ≥ 350 (revolutions)
    > 400 (revolutions)

    Resistance to immersion in boiling water Mass increase (%)
    10.0% (Max)
    6.0% (Max)

    ​Resistance to immersion in boiling water Thickness increase (%)
    11.8% (Max)
    7.0% (Max)

    Resistance to dry heat 180º C 
    Should pass test

    Dimensional stability at deviated temperature Longitudinal (%)
    0.55% (Max)
    0.35% (Max)

    Dimensional stability at deviated temperature Transverse (%)
    1.025% (Max)
    0.75% (Max)

    Dimensional stability at 20º C Longitudinal (%)
    0.375% (Max)
    0.275% (Max)

    Dimensional stability at 20º C Transverse (%)
    0.60% (Max)
    0.48% (Max)

    Resistance to impact by small diameter ball
    20N (Min)
    25 N (Min)

    Resistance to cracking
    Should pass test

    Resistance to scratching
    2N (Min)
    3N (Min)

    Resistance to staining
    Should pass test

    Resistance to colour change In Xenon light
    Should pass test

    Resistance to colour change In Enclosed Carbon ARC light
    Should pass test

    Resistance to cigarette burns
    Should pass test

    Resistance to steam
    Should pass test

    No ABC Defects
    No ABC Defects

    Specific gravity gm/c.m3
    1.36 (Min)​
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